Fast Facts

Did You Know?

City Classification 5th
City Total Revenue 248,188,730.00 (cy-2013)
Total Population 44,848 (NSO 2010)
Number of Households 10,129 (CBMS)
Average Household Size 4
Major Source of Income Farming and Fishing
Major Ethnic Group Boholanos
Dialect/Language Spoken Bisaya
Religion Roman Catholic (87%), others (13%)
No. of Primary Schools 15 Public schools & 3 Private schools
No. of Secondary Schools 3 Public schools & 3 Private schools
Number of Lying-In-Clinic 1
Number of Rural Health Units 1
Number of Barangay Health Stations 16
Number of Day Care Centers 28
Electrical Source Moresco-1
Water Source LGU-Water