El Salvador is a City in the province of Misamis Oriental in Mindanao Island, Southern part of the Philippines. The city serves as a pilgrimage site for the Divine Mercy devotees that is why it is now famous as “The City of Mercy”.

Legend has it that a long time ago during the Spanish time the City, then a municipality, was named Tagnipa because of the abundance of nipa plants in the locality. That once upon a time, hunger occurred in the entire province and it was only Tagnipa that had continuous yields of corn and vegetables which have served not only the Tagnipan-ons (the locals) but including those in the neighboring areas. Because of such event, that the people were saved from hunger, the populace agreed to change the name “TAGNIPA” to “EL SALVADOR”, a Spanish term meaning, “THE SAVIOUR”.

El Salvador was a former barrio of the former Municipality of Cagayan de Oro. On June 15, 1948, Republic Act 268 created El Salvador as a municipality and officially functioned as such on August 2, 1948. Almost six decades after, on June 27, 2007, through the initiative of former Congressman Augusto H. Baculio, RA 9435, otherwise known as the Charter of the City of El Salvador, converted the municipality into a component city of the Province of Misamis Oriental. It comprises 15 barangays of which 8 are urban/urbanizing and 7 rural barangays. The fight on the legal aspect of becoming a city was extended and very challenging. After almost 4 years of heartrending court battle, the finality of the cityhood was entered in the book of judgment on February 15, 2011, thus granting El Salvador the status as a City.

Like most of the 23 municipalities in Misamis Oriental, El Salvador City is along the shores of Macajalar Bay, Northwest of Mindanao. It is bounded on the North by Macajalar Bay, East by the Municipality of Opol, on the South by the Municipality of Manticao and on the West by the Municipality of Alubijid.

The first set of government officials were appointed with the first mayor Hon. Gregorio Galagnara Bajuyo. Later, when the first election came, Hon. Gregorio G. Bajuyo lost his bid to the first elected municipal mayor, the late Hon. Carlos Escalante Macapayag who served his people until his untimely death on August 16, 1965.

By operation of law, the late vice mayor, Hon. Mariano Ubay-ubay Tan succeeded the position of the municipal mayor. From August 17, 1965 to the 1986 snap elections, Hon. Mariano U. Tan served as the municipal mayor where he retired from public service. In the 1986 election, Hon. Atty. Alfredo Quilab Tan was elected as the municipal mayor where he served the people of El Salvador until 1998 and was succeeded by the first ever elected woman municipal mayor, the Hon. Leopacita Cabilao Macarandan in the 1998 National and Local Elections. She served the municipality for only 3 years and in the 2001 elections, Hon. Emelita B. Almirante emerged as the winner of the said elections and served the three-term period until June 2010. In the 2010 National and Local Elections, in his comeback bid, Hon. Alfredo Q. Tan won as the City Mayor and served until his untimely death on June 24, 2016 and by operation of law, Hon. Edgar S. Lignes succeeded the position of the City Mayor and he is now the incumbent mayor.

Name of Mayor

Term of Office

Major Accomplishment

Gregorio G. Bajuyo

1948- 1954

> Establishment of the 1st Municipal Hall

Carlos E. Macapayag


> Opening of roads

Mariano U. Tan


> Establishment of Level I watersytem in the Municipality

Alfredo Q. Tan


> Establishment of Industries (Asia Brewery Inc., Universal Robina Corporation, and etc.)

Leopacita C. Macarandan


> Construction of New Municipal Hall, Formulation of the 1st CLUP

Emelita B. Almirante


> Conversion of Municipality to City

Alfredo Q. Tan


>  Sports Complex and Peoples Park

Edgar S. Lignes


> Infrastructure Projects (New City Government Center, City Gym, and etc.)

After the enactment of RA 7160 otherwise known as The Local Government Code of 1991, the first National and Local Elections was conducted in May 11, 1992 and the following are the duly elected municipal officials, to wit:

            Municipal Mayor                              – Hon. Alfredo Q. Tan

            Vice Mayor                                        – Hon. Emelita B. Almirante

            Sanggunian Members:

Hon. Ponciano O. Nob

Hon. Rodolfo B. Labis

Hon. Teodulfo B. Bombeo

Hon. Jovencio A. Gabule

Hon. Modesto O. Maestre

Hon. Antonio O. Sapiot

Hon. Edgardo R. Sabasaje

Hon. Gerardo P. Unson

The incumbent City Officials are, as follows:

City Mayor                                         – Hon. Edgar S. Lignes

Vice Mayor                                        – Hon. Eduardo A. Ayunting


Sanggunian Members:

Hon. Mark William U. Tan

Hon. Nilo T. Pates

Hon. Felipe R. Lim, Jr.

Hon. John Marc T. Noble

Hon. Narving R. Jaudian

Hon. Felipe O. Clarin

Hon. Leopacita C. Macarandan

Hon. Asuncion C. Yamaro

Hon. Erwin N. Magrina

Hon. Aida T. Noble


The city has been a recipient of several awards and among these are, at least, in the

 last four (4) years, namely:

            2011 & 2012              * Seal of Good Housekeeping

             * Most efficient City Treasury Office

 * 2nd Top Performer of Region 10 under the City

 Category in Fees & Charges

 * Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance

             * Seal of Good Local Governance

            * Most Outstanding LGU, 1st Runner Up (City Category)

            *Technology-based Community Training Program

* Ranked 31st Nationwide and 2nd in Northern Mindanao

                        As Most Competitive City

            *Top Performer of Region 10 under the City Category

 In Real Property Taxes

*Top Performer of Region 10 under the City Category

On Fees & Charges

*3rd Top Performer of Region 10 under the City Category

 In Receipts in the operation of Economic Enterprise

*6th Top Performer of Region 10 under the City Category

 In Business Taxes


            El Salvador City is the centre of industrial and agri-industrial plants in the western part of Misamis Oriental with the presence of Asia Brewery Inc., Tanduay Rhum Distillers, Monark Inc., Universal Robina Corp, Extract Sales Corp., Megabest Food Manufacturing, Magnolia Dressing Plant, C-One Trading, DONAU Carbon Corp., ASONHUAT Agro-Industrial Grower, ZEST-O Corp., WL Food Products, Inc., Northern Mindanao Dairy Cooperatives, Phil. Fresh Corp, Megasoft Hygienic Products, Motormate Group Company, and some on-going application for commercial/industrial businesses.


            The total land area of the city is 14,265 hectares. It has still ample lands for forestal purposes and agricultural production. Barangay Cogon is the city’s “Bagsakan” Center and also the Livestock “Oksyon” Market where activities in trading livestock and poultry products are done every Wednesday. At Barangay Bolisong, the Bolisong Women Wine Makers produces Duhat, Cashew, Melon wines and the bestseller is Duhat or Lomboy in the local parlance or known in Asia as Wild Plum.


            The city’s agricultural products are rice, corn, banana, coconut, peanuts and tobacco. Despite industrialization, the city government ensures that the agricultural areas are still retained for production from the hinterlands and inlands while fishing on the coastal areas are also given support and marine protected areas re secured with the creation of the Integrated Coastal Management-Technical Working Group to assess the status of the marine sanctuaries, mangrove plantation development and marine protected areas like the Burias Shoal of Barangay Molugan. Burias Shoal is a 15,000-hectare of corals and other marine life example of variety fish species, deep sea coral and seaweeds and sea grass.


            While securing the agricultural production area, some industries are burgeoning in the lowlands that generate employment for the locals. Skills training are being conducted by the city government to suit the immediate hiring especially during construction stage, thus giving jobs to our graduates on matched skills.


            The city government also provide enough funds for indigent but deserving students on its Scholarship Program.


            As the realization of the vision of the City with empowered citizenry and competitive individuals inspired by transparent and firm leadership, it is determined to deliver professionalized services ensuring a well-balanced and ecology-friendly community, envision and develop the status of the city as the economic capital of the western part of Misamis Oriental.